Hi, I’m Kristina

I’m a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Digestive Health Expert and passionate about fitness, food and health. I made it my mission to help other women feel happy and confident in their bodies again.

I show you how to drop that extra weight for good by healing your gut and getting you moving. No matter if it’s just a few or more kilos, I can help you adopt a healthier lifestyle and stop dieting. Working with me means you have my full support pushing you towards your goals and mapping out how your new routine easily fits your busy life.

My approach is holistic, touching all areas – mind, body, spirit – because only when all three are in balance, you are as well.

CTNC Kristina von Oertzen
Kristina von Oertzen Weight Loss Coach

My Story

Two things kept me busy my whole life – what to eat to feel good and what to do to look beautiful.

They both go hand in hand. The better I felt through food, the better I looked, but that wasn’t always easy. It all started with a massive growth spurt in my early teens. During this time, I could eat whatever I wanted. I remember that my best friend and I loved sugar bread, German wheat bread with butter, and a generous layer of white sugar. Today, I wouldn’t go anywhere near food like this!

The first problems arose when I stopped growing. Suddenly I went from having a lean figure with zero fat to a more feminine version of myself with noticeable curves. While I wasn’t fat, I was chubby enough for my younger brother to tease me endlessly. His comments are deeply ingrained into my memory and the reason for years of low self-esteem.

I just wanted to be beautiful.

I tried it all – diets, throwing up, exercise, fasting, beauty treatments, but none of this made me feel good at the core. On the contrary, I felt worse and worse. In my mid-twenties, I developed lactose intolerance. After almost every meal, I felt nauseous, had terrible migraines, and was so bloated that I was asked on several occasions if I was pregnant. I felt mortified. I could never have a regular meal, developed rules for what I can and cannot eat, and food became my constant battle. More intolerances came. Eventually, in my late thirties, I was an ill-looking mess with chronic diarrhoea and migraines so bad that I wished I would die.

I was also under a lot of financial pressure and panicking that I was getting older and older without reaching anything – finding a husband, having children or a successful career. I felt like everyone else was living their life while I was somehow on hold with mine. I was sick, depressed and miserable.

Beauty was no longer my concern because my health was suffering.

At this low point, I found a very talented doctor specialising in digestive issues who introduced me to the elimination diet and guided me through it. She helped me get off the contraceptive pill and the strong prescription medication I was taking to keep my migraines at bay. Several months later, I was a lot happier, medication-free and finally had healthy digestion. It was life-changing.

I was deeply impressed by what difference the right food can make to your wellbeing. Since then, I refined my lifestyle further, reduced stress levels with a more positive attitude towards my finances, cut out toxins and that, too, made a huge difference. I also met my now-partner, which was unexpected and shows that the universe works in mysterious ways. He came at the right time into my life which was after I dealt with my digestive problems.

I’m finally feeling beautiful, and that’s because I’m healthy. 

Today, I’m even more passionate about beauty, food and health and want to help other women like me get a grip on their digestive issues so that they can reclaim their lives. All of this while they blossom into a happier and healthier version of themselves. That is how Bloom Lab came about.


Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

Le Cordon Bleu Certification

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

I’m also holding the following qualifications:

UK Level 2 Certificate In Nutrition and Health

Le Cordon Bleu Cuisine Technique Essentials

Le Cordon Bleu Creative Vegetables

Kristina von Oertzen is a Certified Supplement Specialist
Certified Neuro Change Practitioner

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