What Google Won’t Tell You About Menopause And Midlife Weight Gain

… And How To Get Rid Of That Spare Tyre You Suddenly Have Instead Of A Waist

8 Weeks To Successful Weight Loss Facing Menopause

Stuck In An Unproductive Cycle Of Dieting, Exercising, And Still Not Seeing The Results You Want?

Here is what you learn in the masterclass:

  • How menopause creates a sneaky onset of hormonal decline within your body that can cause more than just a few missed periods but an impressive list of often surprising symptoms. Through this training, you’ll learn how to make sense of it all and break free from your desperate attempts to camouflage your midlife flab with those roomy dresses that feel like you’re wearing a tent.
  • How even a teeny-weeny hormone change can lead to some major chaos, such as sporting thighs so soft that you question why you even bother with workouts (who needs spin class when you can sweat through your pyjamas every night?🤷🏼‍♀️). As if anxiety isn’t enough to keep you up at 4 AM every night… and my FAVOURITE thing to do to fix it!


  • Why just being “good” around food is no longer enough when you enter midlife, and what strategic (and surprisingly easy) measures you can take to balance your hormones, keep those horrendous cravings under control and melt that stubborn meno pouch.