The Real Reason You Are Fat

The Real Reason You Are Fat

We can waste a lot of energy trying to correct a problem that is not the real problem, like being overweight. You can spend years fighting fat and are still bursting at the seams.

The excess weight is only an outer effect of a deep inner problem. It is usually fear or a need for protection. When we feel frightened or insecure or not good enough, many will put on extra weight as a safety shield.

Criticising yourself for being too heavy, feeling guilty about every bite of food you eat or hiding in shame when you gain yet another kilo is just a waste of time.

Ten years later, you can still be in the same situation because you never dealt with the real problem. Instead, all you do is make yourself more frightened and insecure, and then you need more weight for protection.

According to motivational author Louise Hay, the only diet that works is a mental diet where you eliminate negative thoughts. If you can’t love yourself because you are too fat, this in itself is often the problem. Did it ever occur to you that you might be fat because you don’t love yourself?

When you begin to love and approve of yourself, it’s incredible how weight often just disappears.

Don’t feel worthless, don’t hate yourself, and stop criticising yourself all the time.

Put all your energy into loving yourself and watch yourself blossom!

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