Emotional Eating – When you Eat Your Feelings

Emotional Eating - When you eat your feelings

Emotional eating is one of the top causes of overweight. Being aware of your feelings is a first step toward being in control.

Why is it that certain emotions can trigger a binge? Let’s start with the number 1 emotion associated with poor food choices – being bored.⁠

This state of dissatisfaction can also be seen as a lack of reactivity to external stimuli. It is generally caused by a feeling of emptiness and can creep up on us silently. Maybe you had a disappointing meeting, or the task you’re working on doesn’t interest you as much. Whatever it is, in situations like this, turning to food seems like a beautiful cure. Suddenly, the world seems much more colourful while you’re happily munching away a bag of crisps.⁠

Anger can arise as a feeling of rebellion or an intense form of defence accompanied by a sense of revenge. You might feel you’ve been wronged, or maybe you suffered an injustice that you simply cannot accept. Anger is often associated with feeling low because you’re incapable of doing something. You might feel like punishing yourself or others with food because you don’t feel you deserve to be healthy, or your spouse doesn’t deserve a healthy partner. It might make perfect sense at the time, but it will only cause more suffering in the long run.⁠

Anxiety is a state of alarm that can take your breath away, weakens you and weigh you down. It’s a mixture of fear and expectation, can be vague, overpowering, and cause a gloomy feeling of dread with no clear idea of what is causing it. This feeling of worry or doom can be overwhelming and give a false perception of reality. When we worry or become nervous, we often use food as a comforting tactic. This mechanism often originates in childhood and can be carried into adulthood.⁠

There will always be negative events that can lead to poor food choices and emotional eating. A first step toward breaking with old habits is to become aware of your feelings.

Once you understand how certain emotions influence you, it’s time to create new habits. As a transformational nutrition coach, I can guide you through this process, helping you identify common triggers. Together we will confront difficult emotions and develop a clear plan of handling them so that they no longer control you.⁠

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