Egg-citing Ways To Stay Healthy This Easter

Exciting Ways To Stay Healthy This Easter

The days are getting lighter, and the shops are filled with chocolate treats which can only mean one thing – easter is coming!

Easter is a great time to relax and spend quality time with friends and family, but it’s also tempting to forget about your goals and lean into temptation. Good thing you have me reminding you to prioritise your wellbeing and stay active. I’m not suggesting spending hours at the gym away from all the bank holiday fun.

There are many ways to enjoy your weekend the healthy way. Here are a few ideas:

Go for a walk in nature

Welcome the warmer temperatures and the arrival of spring with a stroll through nature. A long walk in the fresh air is an excellent activity for stressed-out mums, exhausted husbands or moody teenagers, away from all the easter temptations.

Organise a bike ride

Take it up a notch and get your bikes out for a little tour around the neighbourhood with your friends or family. Find a nature reserve or local park, pack a picnic or find a restaurant along the way to have lunch and refreshments.

Plan an Easter-themed outdoor game

Are you used to watching the kids hunt for easter eggs? Get involved and organise a fun game for everyone. I’m thinking of spoon races, hopping games or scavenger hunts. Mix things up by offering healthy or non-food-related rewards as an alternative to the usual overload of sugary sweets. The goal of these activities is to stay active whilst having fun, fill up your energy stores and lift your mood during the long weekend.


Remember, the key to staying healthy and active during Easter is to balance indulging in the festivities and taking care of your health. By incorporating these simple activities into your plans, you can enjoy the long weekend while still prioritizing your wellbeing. So, get outside, have some fun, and happy Easter! 🐣

PS: If you’re still on the lookout for a cute Easter gift, don’t forget to check out my healthy spring recipe collection. From colourful salads to refreshing smoothies, these recipes are perfect for the season and can help you stay on track with your health goals. Plus, they make a thoughtful and delicious gift for your loved ones.

So, head over to my recipe collection and get inspired to cook up a storm this Easter!

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