Here’s everything you need to know about the cleanse and your journey to better health, more energy and radiant looks.


Your cleanse starts with a detailed onboarding video where I talk you through all handouts and guides to make sure you know where to find everything.

We’ll then look at the recommended supplements, and I’ll help you order the right ones for you. They will be an additional expense but don’t worry; I have discount codes for most dispensaries to keep your costs at bay.

Pre-Cleanse (starting on 11/1/21)

For one week before you wish to start the full program, allow yourself to wean off of harmful foods and bad habits. Now is the time to start reducing your intake of caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and sugar. The prep-week is a good time to order your supplements, plan your grocery shopping and to remove all ‘bad’ food from your kitchen so that there’s no temptation. Once you’ve eased into the program, you’re ready for the next step: Detoxing your body, mind and soul.

Week 1 (starting on 18/1/21)

Now that you’ve settled into the program you’re ready to start the cleanse. You should already notice an increase in energy and a lift in your spirit. Things are only getting better from here. Make sure to mark down your questions so that we can discuss them during our weekly Zoom call.

Week 2 (starting on 25/1/21)

You reached the halfway point! Hopefully, by now, everything feels no longer new, and you developed your daily routine. Toxins are flushing out of your body, and you’re working on cleansing your mind from negative thoughts. Whatever comes up, there will be plenty of opportunities to talk about it during our weekly Zoom call.

Week 3 (starting on 1/2/21)

Congratulations, you reached the final week. This is the when you’ll lock it all in and think about what habits you’d like to incorporate into your ‘normal’ life. You should feel peaceful, content and calm. We’ll have our last Zoom call this week where we can celebrate getting this far and talk about where you’re going from here.

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