Beat The Midlife Bloat

 Say goodbye to feeling like you swallowed a balloon and hello to a flat tummy! No more looking like you’re five months pregnant at age 50. 🤰

Beat The Midlife Bloat Challenge

When was the last time that you didn’t have to inhale when you pulled up your jeans?

Here is what this challenge has in store for you:

  • We’ll be uncovering how perimenopause and menopause can really mess with your body, especially your digestion, leading to all sorts of not-so-fun reactions (yep, that food baby is one of them!). Learn what you can do to stop these surprises before they become a full-blown disaster.
  • Discover my favourite hacks to quickly fix all those new digestive surprises that are ruining your love for food. From suddenly being sensitive to all your favourite dishes to those post-dinner tummy grumbles that could wake the dead, I’ve got your back!
  • I spill the beans on the top healthy ingredient we all use that is causing havoc with our gut bugs and is probably the number one reason you’re bloated!.